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About Us


As one of the first private eye hospitals established in Kocaeli, Çağın Eye Hospital was established in 1989 in Gölcük and continues to carry out its activities in İzmit since 1999.

The center moved into its new facilities in December 2011 and has been operating as a hospital since December 2012. It is a specialty hospital with approximately 4000 m2 indoor area and indoor/outdoor parking area that can accommodate 30 vehicles.

It offers quality service to its patients with 5 full-time and 1 part-time specialized ophthalmologists. Çağın Eye Hospital has got 26 beds and three operating theatres one of which is dedicated to Excimer Laser.

Çağın Eye Hospital offers quality service to its patients from Turkey and abroad in the examination and treatment of eye diseases. Its specialized team performs all types of treatment and surgical interventions (vitrectomy, oculaplastics, strabismus, cataract etc.) for all eye diseases in its operation theatres fully equipped with the latest technology equipment.

Çağın Eye Hospital has got contracts with state and private enterprises.