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Fakik IOL Implantation

Some of the people methods, such as Lasik operations, which are an Alternative to spectacles, may not be suitable or inadequate. In these cases, the eyes are “indoor lenses” is a very good Alternative. Patients with high myopia and hyperopia (e.g., corneal thickness is thin), which are not suitable for Laser eye treatment, can also according to the Fakik-IOL surgery, a clear and healthy vision.

This method, which installs an artificial lens in the eye, is sometimes Performed with the combination of a LASIK - Op., and myopia patients from 7 dioptrid - up to 25 dioptrid, hypermetropia patients of 5 dioptrid - up to 13 dioptrid can be treated.



  • At Least 18 Years Old
  • no glaucoma (eye pressure),
  • no specific retinal diseases
  • no cataract (Grey Star)
  • With a Excimer Laser not correctable high myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism - patients,
  • In patients whose corneal thickness does not allow the Laser
  • The glasses number is fixed

If this treatment is carried out according to the structure of their eyes, can only be made after a detailed eye examination was noted.


  • All type of treatment of ametropia ametropia (ametropia),
  • Rapid improvement of vision,
  • Corneal thinning, no tissue loss,
  • After a successful surgery, no side effects,
  • If required, together with a refractive - Op. carry out
  • If desired, you can return


A Fakik-IOL – op takes for an eye approximately 20 minutes and because the Patient is under anesthesia, he feels nothing. Each eye is operated on at a distance of at least 7 days after the row and the operated eye in 1 day only with a landscaped Association. The next day the bandage is removed and even if the Person has neither the glasses nor the lens, he begins to see clearly enough to to to normal life is back to normal. A solid Sehniveau takes approximately 4-6 weeks.

In the inner eye implanted lens is a transparent Material and may remain life-long problems in the eye. These lenses are not noticeable from the outside, and will not be felt by the patient in the eye.