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Computerized Visual Field


The visual field device tests the central and peripheral visual quality. These tests are especially used in glaucoma, retinal diseases and neurophtalmological diseases. This method of measuring the patient's vision in which the light of the pinhole size is burned in various areas tests the field of vision. The test results are evaluated on the computer and compared with the normals in the same age group. Illnesses are also classified according to the types of vision loss. These tests are used in the long term to observe the progression of vision loss in patients, especially in glaucoma.

In a vast majority of glaucoma patients, there is no evidence until the last turn. During the examination, more advanced diagnostic methods are applied upon the measurement of tension. The first step is to perform the computerized visual field examination. This test is a test that measures the sensitivity of the nerve cells in the eye to various light intensities and determines the total area seen by each eye. It is of great importance in the diagnosis and follow-up of the disease.