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Internal Medicine Policlinic


Internal medicine is the department where patients suffering from health problems such as febrile diseases, respiratory problems, digestive system, high blood pressure, liver, thyroid and diabetes are treated.

All diseases that fall into the area of internalization are important in terms of eye health as well as affecting an individual. For example, diabetes and high blood pressure problems pose greater risks for eye health.

The longer the duration of diabetes, the more likely it is to cause eye damage. Retinal involvement, which is the most important complication of diabetes, can lead to edema in the retina, foci of bleeding and new blood vessels. This disease can lead to blindness if not treated.

High blood pressure causes serious problems such as narrowing, thickening, hardening, hemorrhage and edema in the retinal vessels of the eye.Therefore, in terms of protection of eye health, diseases that fall within the scope of internal medicine, especially sugar and high blood pressure, should be followed closely.